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We both logon to Skype at your lesson time and the music making begins!

As the lesson goes on any notes we take, videos from the internet shown, or songs referenced are compiled.
Meanwhile the whole lesson is recorded to be uploaded to YOUR OWN PRIVATE folder on the cloud for access at any time to review and remember anything throughout the week!

When the lesson is over you will recieve an email with links to any web based content from the lesson as well as a summery of what to work on over the week.

(I also encourage parents of students to recieve a copy in which I can make recomendations as well for how they can assist in their childs progress.)

At any point before the next lesson you can email me with questions, no need to wait until a week later or practice something wrong, check your lesson video and send emails for private questions.

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Have an artist/band you just can’t get enough of?

Make a post about them and spread the word!

Have a tip for practicing a certain song? Want to get some feedback from others on a performace or new song your working on?

Upload a video and share with the world!

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  • Review Whenever, Wherever

    Each lesson is recorded then uploaded to your own private folder only you have access to for reviewing as much as you want!

  • Private Cloud Storage

    Videos will be uploaded to a private Google Drive folder with password protection.

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