About Rob

Ranked first among U.S. music schools by U.S. News & World Report for 5 consecutive years.

“My son is inspired and plays all the time in no small part due to the way you coach him!”

“I loved how I could improvise songs. I had never done things like that before, so I really didn’t like music class, but I love music class now! I loved how I could make songs like jazz because I love jazz, and I feel very happy when you give advices and comments.”

Rob’s Philosophy

“Instruments are an extension of oneself, I focus on developing the musician within each of us to their fullest potential.”


Eastman School of Music

“The truth is that Beethoven and Bach and Mozart — they were all exuberant improvisers.” -Christopher Azzara

Dr. Azzara talks about the importance of improvising in music and its key role in developing musicianship and expression on an instrument.

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Royal College of Music, London

Rob was accepted into the ERASMUS Conservatory Exchange Program to study with Gary Ryan in his sophomore year.

Kanack School of Music

Creative Ability Development


“Any child’s innate creative ability can be developed through the disciplined practice of creative exercises which allow the child complete freedom of choice. Great creative ability is the art of making choices.” – Alice Kanack

How It Works

Modern Teaching For The Modern Student

“Today, the blackboard has become a whiteboard; chalk has become a magic marker; the slates that students used have been replaced by notebooks; and classes have sometimes gotten smaller. Little else has changed.”